Dentures are individually made to fit your mouth and naturally the better the fit the happier you will be with your new dentures.

Dentures in Wirral

Dentures can be considered in two parts. The pink plastic, which is the denture base and the teeth that are attached to the denture base. The teeth are placed on to the denture base in the laboratory, and come in a range of shapes and colours. These can vary from inexpensive teeth to the very best which are naturally more expensive.

 This hopefully is just to give you a brief insight into the different options that you can choose for your new dentures. Listed below are summaries of this information, and the approximate costs of the various options described.The cheaper teeth that are used on a denture made within the NHS  are perfectly adequate, but the materials used in their manufacture are of the cheapest quality. This means that they can tend to wear away more quickly, and as the surface is not as durable, they stain more easily.

The better quality teeth, which can be used, maintain their appearance for longer, and do not wear away as easily.

For the cost of an NHS denture please refer to the NHS page, dentures incur a band 3 charge. Please note that although NHS dentures are made using cheaper materials, the final result but will produce an acceptable denture. The teeth are of a type that for most purposes are quite acceptable. The denture base fits acceptably, but no extra shaping or contouring of the pink areas can be carried out.

Outside the NHS more time and better materials can be used. The denture base is made from a more naturally shaded plastic, and is a harder plastic. The teeth fitted to the denture base are of a superior quality, have a more natural appearance and less prone wear and staining. Individual characteristics you may choose to have in your new denture can be included. For example you may wish to have spacing in some areas, slightly twisted teeth or more shaping on the “gum” areas. All these little items can help to make your new dentures look more natural. Naturally the more time that is spent customising the denture to your requirements adds to the cost; this is why characteristics of this type cannot be included within an NHS denture. Charges for private dentures are discussed on an individual basis, depending on patient requirements.

This information is not to suggest any one type of denture for you. Ultimately you must decide for yourself which you would prefer. It will hopefully give you an idea of the different types of denture which can now be made for you. Whichever method you choose, the denture will be made to as high a standard as possible, and should give you trouble free service.

All dentures when they are fitted do take time to “bed in”, this is because the tissues of your mouth do squash underneath a denture. This is why when you first receive a new denture, it might not feel quite right. However you should always allow a few days for your new denture to settle in before it will become as comfortable as your old denture.

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