GlenPlan Membership

Alongside our normal NHS service we also have a membership plan available designed with you in mind.

Private Treatment Pricing

We recognise that every patient is different and every treatment is different.  You may either join one of our private plans or simply ‘pay per item’.

Your dentist will be able to answer any questions you have regarding private dental treatment and also provide you with a treatment plan and an individual estimate for your requirements.

Why have private treatment?

The NHS is not able to provide all types of treatments, sometimes patients are not able to have eligible to have treatment provided by the NHS.  In these cases we are able to provide treatments on a private basis.

Private treatments also allow us to use a range of technologies and materials that beyond the reach of routine NHS practice.

Private Treatments

We have extensive resources to support our private practice including the latest intra-oral digital scanners – so no more impressions or moulds, CBCT radiology, computerised smile design, as well as the highest quality filling materials and ceramics.


We always aim to be as accommodating as possible to fit in around your busy lives.  We are able to offer appointments from 7:30am, and after hours for private patients and private treatments.

Implant Consultation

Initial introductory discussion (10- 15 mins minutes) – Free

 Implant Assessment – This is an hour-long appointment where you will be fully assessed for your suitability for implant treatment. After the appointment you will be sent a report outlining your possible treatment options and different costings. – £175

Regular Dental Examination

New patient consultation 30 minutes-£90

This is for a regular, private patient of the practice. You will have a thorough examination of you teeth, gums and oral cavit.-£55

Xrays  Small -£10

Panoral -£72.50 

CBCT SOV/Quadrant -£72.50

Mandible or Maxilla -£99

Mandible and maxilla -£180



Emergency Dental Appointments

Urgent appointment – for this appointment you will be seen and every effort will be made to make you more comfortable. The price depends on what treatment you require, but your dentist will explain fully what your choices are. from £55


There are many different types of crown available and your dentist will be able to explain these.
As a guide the prices are:

Full gold crown  £550

Porcelain bonded to gold  £550

Cosmetic porcelain/glass ceramic crown (Inceram)  £600

Veneers £500


There are several different types of bridges available, your dentist will explain your options in more
detail, as a guide the prices are:

Adhesive bridge – to replace one tooth, with one metal wing  from £650

Conventional bridge from £550 per unit

Tooth whitening

This includes your impressions, your first bleaching visit, bleaching trays and bleach and follow up appointments 

Boutique £350

Enlightened £505


We would like you to be involved in the different choices for your denture and allow it to be custom made to your specification – this includes the type of teeth on your denture, if the teeth are set up all in a line, or have individual characteristics unique to you, like a crooked tooth or a space. You can decide, depending on the denture, if the plastic on the palate is pink or clear and also the way the gums look – if they are smooth and shiny or stippled and contoured.

As a guide prices for dentures are:

Full dentures (upper and lower) –  from £1200

Full upper (or lower) denture – from £600

Partial denture (per denture) – from  £400

Flexible denture – from  £900

Chrome denture – from £900


White tooth coloured – these range in price according to the size of your filling  from £100

Silver amalgam fillings- these range in price according to the size of your filling from £80

Porcelain inlay £600

Gold inlay £550

Root filling (depending on which tooth as some teeth are much more complex due to the number of roots or the shape of the canals) £375- £575


Gum Shield (double thickness, any colour) for contact sports £80


The price depends on the complexity of the extraction. £80-£250

Bone graft at the time of extraction – £500 plus extraction fee

Apicectomy- £660

Gums & Hygiene Additional Appointments

Periodontal Treatment 30 minutes – £75

Stain removal£100

New Patient direct access 1 hour – £140

Facial Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Botox  start from £200.  A free consultation is provided to discuss your needs.

1 area £200

2 areas £220

3 areas £270

Fillers from £250

Profhilo from £250 

Composite bonding – from £200 per tooth 


Single arch from £2600 

Dual Arch from £3000

Retention from £400

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