Glencairn Digital Lab

Here at Glencairn we have invested in the very latest digital technology.  We have all the equipment and expertise in place for the complete digital workflow.

We are able to fabricate our own crowns, bridges and dentures to the highest quality and standard using the very best materials.

In the lab we have milling machines, 3D printers and scanners all which form part of the digital process.

We are very lucky to have a close working relationship with one of the worlds leading ceramic company Zirkon Zahn.  We are therefore one of the few practices to benefit with ceramics and Zirconia straight from the Dolomites.

Our machines working to incredible accuracies, and our talented team of technicians meet with our patients so that all the work is fabricated in the context of the whole face. 

Thanks to the digital workflow we are able to undertake diagnostics and ‘mock ups’ digitally – showing the patient the end result, before we even start to prepare the mouth.  Prof Wright, and Rachael (Senior Technician) have also developed specific concepts such as ‘Tomorrow Teeth ’ allowing the early restoration, and rehabilitation of full arch teeth.

Finally due to the support, expertise, and equipment, we have the ability to prepare and fit crowns and bridges whilst the patient waits – negating the need for temporary teeth or multiple appointments.