Covid-19 Patient Information

COVID-19 Patient Information


This document outlines the modifications that we are required to make to our normal procedures once the practice is re-opened following the current stage of COVID-19 outbreak. Our #10 point back to safe dental treatment policy is based on the best available current scientific evidence and has been formulated in consultation with a wide variety of dental professionals and organisations.
This policy will be updated and modified as we gain more scientific evidence as to the most appropriate treatment protocols, and to ensure that we offer the highest standard of SAFETY 1st FOR OUR PATIENTS & THE TEAM procedures in line with the recommendations and guidance published by the Department of Health.


We have evaluated the scientific evidence and official advice and modified the way in which we deliver treatment in view of the lessons we have learned from COVID-19. The measures that we have put in place are practically designed to significantly reduce the risks of transmission to our staff and our patients, making use of the best practice guidelines and equipment.

The aim of this policy is to ensure the continued safety of our staff and all of our patients and we would like your full cooperation in this matter.