Our area of expertise is dental implants and this is an area about which all our staff are both passionate and highly trained.

As a patient of Glencairn you will be assigned an ‘implant nurse‘ whose commitment, training and reassurance will ensure that any treatment option is fully explained and that your every need is attended to.

What is a dental implant?

The loss or absence of teeth; be it through dental disease, accident or congenital defect, not only affects your appearance and confidence, it can also hinder your speech and your ability to enjoy food.

Dental implants can:

  • Replace one or more lost teeth
  • Hold prostheses securely in the mouth
  • Are scientifically researched and proven
  • Successful in over 96% of cases
  • Improves your quality of life

A dental implant is a “root” device made of medical-grade titanium which is a tested and proven material well tolerated by the body. They support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth.

The implant is inserted directly into the jawbone and the implant surface fuses to the surrounding bone to anchor it firmly in place over 6 -12 weeks. This process is called osseointergration.

For futher information or to make an appointment please feel free to contact Dr Wright.