GlenPlan A Dental Plan with you in mind

We realise that it is frustrating to have to wait on an NHS waiting list before you can start your treatment.

There is a list because we have limitations on the amount of NHS funded treatment we can provide each year.

We pride ourselves in being forward thinking and we have tailored a Dental Plan with you in mind.

At only £5.98 a month you will receive 2 checkups, including scale & polishes and any small radiographs you may require each year.

If you urgently need to see us, we will ensure you are seen within 24 hours or on the day where possible, all within the normal working week

  • You can remain on our NHS waiting list.
  • You can cancel the plan without notice at any time.
  • Plan is £5.98 per month, with the first payment being £11.96.

If you require treatment:

  • If you need fillings: £53 additional fee per course of treatment.
  • This is the same price whether you need one or several fillings.
  • These will be done as NHS standard filling materials.

Should you decide to have a more superior material, you will receive a 10% discount on the  private fee list price and will be charged per filling. The choice is up to you.

Available at:

Available on:

If you need any laboratory work - additional cost £257.

This covers crown, bridge or dentures. The work will be of an NHS standard. If you wish to upgrade to a more superior level of treatment, you will receive a 10% discount from our private fee list - again the choice is yours.

If you need fillings and crown, bridge or dentures you will only be charged the additional £257 fee.

An emergency appointment outside your normal checkup and treatment for example for toothache, broken tooth or crown fallen out will cost £25

What else?

£50 voucher off any implant treatment valid for the entire time you are a Glenplan member.